Sent to africa

James and Elsie Gudgeon and their six children were sent out by Hastings church in 2014 as missionaries to Kenya. They had been burdened about this work since they came out on their honeymoon in 2006 where they met Pastor Dalmas of Manna Bible Church, Likoni. They initially supported his work in the local community from the UK. James began preaching in 2012 and in the same year he felt that the Lord was calling him as a missionary to Kenya. After 3 months renting a flat in Ukunda some land became available in the rural village of Kiranze, Mwangulu, where James believed the Lord had shown him they should work a few years before. They continued to live in town until part of the mission had been built and made habitable, then moved in March 2017. They have have relied wholly on the Lord to provide their needs both to live, and to promote the gospel in this area. He has proved faithful to His promise, and they have had many remarkable instances of God providing for them, and answering prayer. In answer to prayer for God to send someone to help them, Sam and Hannah Kingham were sent out to join the work, with their son, Josiah in November 2018. Sam had been to visit James and Elsie a number of times during the first few years and had enjoyed being involved in the work here and supporting them from the UK. During his last visit in January 2018 he felt the Lord calling him to preach and go as a missionary to Kenya, also using his experience as a paramedic to set up a mission clinic.

The work so far

  • Clinic ready to open, awaiting licence

  • Building erected for bible studies and teaching which are ongoing

  • Water tower built

  • Regular distribution of Bibles

  • 3 acres of land are farmed and the harvest is used for food aid

  • Distribution of food aid for the local poor and Dalmas’ feeding programme

  • Weekly adult Bible classes

  • Monthly women’s Bible study

  • Regular visiting and outreach work in the local area

  • First mission house completed

  • Mission headquarters completed including church, classroom for Bible classes, medical room, guest rooms, bathrooms and kitchen

  • Borehole dug for water supply

  • Solar power installed

  • 2 underground rainwater tanks completed

  • Sunday School established

  • Church established

  • On going road-building up to the mission headquarters

  • Youth Bible class begun


Mission Statement

‘’To relieve poverty and advance the Christian religion amongst the people of East Africa particularly, though not exclusively, through the provision of churches, child rescue homes, medical centres and schools, and through the translation and distribution of Christian literature.’’