Sent to africa

James and Elsie Gudgeon were sent out by their local church in 2014 as missionaries to Kenya. They had been burdened about this work for some time, but it involved taking their family with them. They have been there since, and have relied wholly on the Lord to provide their needs both to live, and to promote the gospel in this area. He has proved faithful to His promise, and they have had many remarkable instances of God providing for them, and answering prayer. Since this time they have been joined by further missionaries and together they are seeking to fulfill the will of God in the area of Kiranze.


  • Land purchased in the Mwangulu area

  • Building erected for bible studies and teaching which are ongoing

  • Water tower built

  • Distribution of Bibles

  • Water tank built

  • Mission house built

  • Borehole dug for water supply

  • Solar power installed

  • 2 rainwater tanks completed


Mission Statement

‘’To relieve poverty and advance the Christian religion amongst the people of East Africa particularly, though not exclusively, through the provision of churches, child rescue homes, medical centres and schools, and through the translation and distribution of Christian literature.’’