Orphaned family

Hello all,

We do not normally ask for help, as our help comes from the Lord which made heaven and earth. However, a unique case has been brought into our pathway that we cannot ignore. Last week Joseph Mapema, who we work with here, told me he had to go to the funeral of his sister in-law. The lady passed away after a short illness, leaving her 8 children as orphans. (Her husband died a few years ago). One of them is an 18 year old single mother of two, so that is 10 who need care in total. These children have been given to their Uncle Joseph and his wife, Agnes to bring up. They have 6 children of their own, so it’s a huge burden on them. The children that are coming to him have been brought up under the traditions of their tribe and have never been to school. Joseph lives in a mud house, separated inside into 4 rooms. We are in the process of building them an extra two rooms on the side for the new children, this will probably cost about £1000 altogether, including steel roof sheets. The work has begun as we are collecting the family very soon. However, they will need help with the following costs if we can raise the funds to help/sponsor them;

£15 per week for a home help
£20 per week for food
£60 each child per year for school
£20 per full school uniform

We have plenty of clothing to give them for now. If any feel able to help in any way at all it would be much appreciated. Please pray for these children, they will be traumatised having lost both parents and moving to a new home, but we hope they’ll be comfortable and happy there. Please email me directly if you are able help and we will see the best way forward. Alternatively, if you wish to make a donation specifically to the family, please record this in the comments box on the donation page,

 Many thanks, James & Elsie